Multi-Axis Intelligent Linkage  

With six or more multi-joint linkage axis to cooperate with cutting actions, no matter how complex the three-dimensional cutting operation is, it can be easily handled by armspan.


  Full Servo CNC Drive  

CNC servo motor drive, which can meet the cutting of any shape and curve in the plane and space. Whether cutting sheets or pipes, the error is within a millimeter, and the accuracy is precise.


  Full-Intelligent Production System  

From identification, fetching, transportation, positioner, cutting, and blanking, we provide you with a one-stop AI robot production integration solution to open the era of artificial intelligence for your efficient production.


  One-Stop Customized Design  

Whether it is from material loading and unloading, movement, cutting operations or from the design of the entire production line, we have very rich experience and can provide you with professional design solutions , eliminating the risk and trouble of different manufacturers in each link and making it more reliable.


  More Economical High Pressure System  

We will design the most suitable orifice diameter and required flow rate according to the cutting material, and realize the supply scheme of one pump with multi-head. It solves the previous supply mode of one pump with one cutting head, with less investment and more energy saving.


  Intelligent Variable Boosting System  

Equipped with a variable oil pump and a intelligent variable high pressure system consisting of four imported valve bodies, our intelligent variable pressure system intelligently adjusts the oil volume based on pressure requirements, ensuring high cutting efficiency, better oil temperature control and more energy-saving.


  The Main Components Adopt Internationally Renowned Brands  

International top quality accomplishes the Wonlean classic

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