All-Round Safety Protection  

The fully enclosed hood can completely enclose the cutting operation area, which is safer. If you open the enclosed hood during cutting, the high pressure system will immediately stop to ensure your safety.

Safety accompanies every cut.


  New Environmentally Friendly Design  

The cutting table adopts a fully enclosed hood to isolate the splashing of abrasive and water during cutting. It greatly reduces noise pollution and is more environmentally friendly.


  Automatic Lubrication System  

Equipped with an automatic lubrication oil pump that delivers lubricating oil to every corner of the transmission system, with intermittent control of up to 0.01 seconds. This lubrication system greatly reduces wear on the transmission system caused by waste abrasive.


  Intelligent Variable Boosting System  

Equipped with a variable oil pump and a intelligent variable high pressure system consisting of four imported valve bodies, our intelligent variable pressure system intelligently adjusts the oil volume based on pressure requirements, ensuring high cutting efficiency, better oil temperature control and more energy-saving.


  Intelligent identification  one-click processing  

Automatically identifies CAD electronic drawings and generates cutting path and access parameters, reducing manual coding and repetitive operations while simplifying operations and improving productivity.


  Customized    Design  

We can customize the cutting table according to the size of your workpiece, and only the most suitable one is the best.


  Tilting Compensation System  

Utilizes intelligent five-axis software and two Japanese Yaskawa servo motors for dynamic compensation, achieving precise active compensation for the "V" -shaped incision of the water jet cutter and vertical cutting or bevel cutting within 10 degrees.


  The Main Components Adopt Internationally Renowned Brands  

International top quality accomplishes the Wonlean classic


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