No Spark  

The advanced pre-mixed technology of Wonlean fully mixes abrasive and water before applying pressure. compared to the post-mixed method of the traditional water jet cutter which mixes abrasive in the part of the cutting head.
This technology eliminates the air mixed in, which can cause high-speed friction between abrasive and residue and generate sparks.
This is currently the most advanced and safe technology for cutting dangerous goods.


  “0” Power Requirements   

Equipped with international first-class brand diesel engine, compared to the 380V, 37KW power supply of the traditional water jet cutter, it can be started without power supply.It is extremely suitable for field cutting without power supply, such as fire rescue and emergency rescue.


  Ultra-High Energy Efficiency  

The unique mixing technology of Wonlean solves the problems of uneven abrasive mixing and cavitation effect in traditional water jet cutter, greatly improving the energy efficiency conversion ratio. According to data collected by Wonlean experimental center, we only need 50 MPa to achieve the cutting speed of 360 MPa for traditional water jet cutter, increasing the energy efficiency ratio by 7times,which is an epoch-making technical breakthrough.


  Lower Pressure And More Safety  

The advanced mixing technology of Wonlean have ultra-high cutting speed and low pressure operation. Compared to the 360MPA operation pressure of the traditional water jet cutter,50MPA is far below the safety threshold of combustion and explosion caused by pressure impact of most dangerous goods. This further eliminates the risk of ignition and is safer.


  Lightweight Integrated Design  

The compact integrated design reduces the volume and weight of Wonlean portable water jet cutter by about 3 times , which can be easily loaded onto a pickup truck. With the large size bearing wheel, it can be easily moved by only one person, making construction, and the construction is very convenient.


  Quick Assembly Of The Hose  

Using high-quality, high-pressure-resistant flexible hoses that can be bent at will,compared to the hard pipes traditional water jet cutter of the hard pipe that are not easy to bend, the layout of high pressure hose is very convenient and more suitable for on-site construction environments. In combination with Wonlean's quick plug connector,it is extremely easy to connect the hose.


  Multiple Security Protection  

It has multiple protection systems, such as overload protectionoverheat protection、and overpressure protection. When the machine is in an abnormal state, the protection system is automatically activated, eliminating all potential dangers and ensuring safety and peace forever.


  More Professional Cutting Mechanism  

Various types of cutters can handle various complex cutting conditions. Wonlean strives for excellence in every cutting condition to ensure accurate and convenient cutting operations every time.

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