Cast Iron Bed  

The cast iron bed is optional. Compared to a typical welded bed, it has a higher level of structural rigidity and stability. This mechanical structure has the advantages of small deformation and low vibration, and can maintain accuracy for up to 30 years after aging treatment. Even in heavy cutting tasks, it can maintain high operational precision for extended periods.


  Oil-Immersed Structure  

The guide rail and ball screw are fully immersed in an oil tank,providing ample lubrication and preventing the wear of the transmission system caused by abrasive and water splash. This feature not only provides ultra-high cutting precision but also greatly improves the lifespan of the machine, solving the issue of serious accuracy degradation in traditional water jet cutter. And no matter when the cutting is accurate.


  Split Structure  

The bed and water tank of the cutting table are completely separated, adopting split design that avoids the risk of the bed becoming deformed due to the deformation of the water tank over time and ensures the precision and lifespan of the bed.


  Direct Connection Transmission System  

The high-power servo motor is directly connected with large-diameter ball screw and guide rail, which has smaller transmission losses, higher precision, and greater stability compared to traditional synchronous belt connection. The accuracy is achieved to within a thousandth of a millimeter.


  Stainless Steel Double Sealing  

The X, Y, Z axis adopts an external high-quality stainless steel wire drawing casing and internal high-quality dustproof folding design, providing double-seal protection that effectively protects the machine and ensures complete sealing. This is currently the most effective sealing form for waterjet cutter.


  Intelligent Variable Boosting System  

Equipped with a variable oil pump and a intelligent variable high pressure system consisting of four imported valve bodies, our intelligent variable pressure system intelligently adjusts the oil volume based on pressure requirements, ensuring high cutting efficiency, better oil temperature control and more energy-saving.


  Intelligent identification  one-click processing  

Automatically identifies CAD electronic drawings and generates cutting path and access parameters, reducing manual coding and repetitive operations while simplifying operations and improving productivity.


  Tilting Compensation System  

Utilizes intelligent five-axis software and two Japanese Yaskawa servo motors for dynamic compensation, achieving precise active compensation for the "V" -shaped incision of the water jet cutter and vertical cutting or bevel cutting within 10 degrees.


  Intelligent 3D Cutting  

Enables fixed and variable angle cutting of up to 60 degrees, with an aluminum alloy cutting head structure that is lightweight, high strength, and has a small load. The cutting position deviation under 380Mpa high-pressure water is less than 0.01mm ,and the cutting accuracy is extremely high.


Wireless Remote Control Handle

Everything is under control

Flexible and convenient for tool adjustment
Real-time display of feed values
Control machine operation at any time
Magnetic suction design for easy access


  The Main Components Adopt Internationally Renowned Brands  

International top quality accomplishes the Wonlean classic


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